Solving Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch Problems for OEMs

Solving Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch Problems for OEMs

The Panel Mount Pushbutton Switch is one the most common electronic components in the market and is used by virtually every OEM in one form or other.

It’s no surprise then that one of most frequent problems we deal with at RDI is panel mount pushbuttons that don’t quite fit, cost too much to assemble or frankly would be designed out in a heartbeat if there was a better solution available for the same cost.

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One of our customers who had been using a switch for more than a decade decided it was time to seek better solutions. The switch in question had 10 parts that were assembled by hand onto a bracket and panel mount. The process itself was complex and needed technician assistance in many instances, especially on off-shifts.

RDI proposed a hybrid switch using a combination of two switches currently on our line card. The result is a 3-part device that snaps into the panel, eliminating brackets and the original panel mount.

Reducing costs is an important part of this process but it’s by no means the only one. Many OEMs struggle to find partners willing to offer options on sticking blocks like design effort, NRE costs and prototyping. RDI works with customers to figure out the best solution, whether it’s a free issue based on MOQ, or amortized costs over months or years of production. So long as we can find an agreement that works for both parties, our door is open and we’re willing to do the design, prototyping and financial work to secure the deal.

In the switch discussed here, RDI produced several 3D printed samples to field test. The switch passed all testing and according to the customer “checked all the boxes” they considered critical.

RDI has been in business for over 32 years and is the expert in the field of custom solutions for OEMs. We are available to solve design and application issues that arise in the new product design phase, and in cost reductions and yield improvements of older cash cows. The panel mount pushbutton switch is one of the many devices we have re-engineered on behalf of our OEM customers. Please visit the standard switches page above or go to one of our distributors to find out more about our products.

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