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Request a Quote RFQ

How to Request a Product Quote with RDI’s New online RFQ Tool

The new RDI website has a useful RFQ feature that allows customers to quickly request a quote on any combination of products and quantities.

Add to Quote
  1. Go to any Product Page and click on the Add to Quote button displayed under the Data Sheet icon. Clicking the button creates an RFQ and adds the product to the list.
  2. Open other products and repeat the process until all the required products have been added to the quote.
  3. Once the list is complete, click the Browse the List link to go to the Request a Quote screen, where you can enter quantities for each part in the quote.

Request a Quote Screen

  1. Use the + and keys or highlight the quantity field and add numbers directly to set the part count for each device in the RFQ.
  2. Click Update List once part counts are finalized.
  3. Add your name, email address and any message, then click Send Your Request.

That’s all there is to it. You will get a reply from RDI to acknowledge we’ve received the request. A formal quote will be sent in 24 to 48 hours.

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