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RDIq USB Fast Charge Power Adapters deliver USB PD (Power Delivery) and Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charging to a wide variety of common devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable medical devices.

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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is evolving into a truly standard serial interface capable of both high-speed data transmission and impressive fast charging of most USB devices. Unfortunately, the need for legacy compatibility on most of the world’s computers and laptops combined with the requirement for faster and faster serial data transfer has created a very confusing specification for USB cable socket styles, data rates and charging speeds.

USB Cables

To address that confusion, RDI is a power focused USB product portfolio, designed to make it simple to upgrade traditional USB chargers to the latest fast charge equivalents. Most of us just want a cable that will charge our phones faster than they currently charge, so we’ve made it easy to decide which cable you need on the charger front.

USB GaN Technology

RDIfast chargers feature Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors in the power train, boosting their efficiency ratings over conventional MOSFET chargers and enabling smaller sizes and lower case temperatures as a result. The devices are compliant with USB PD and Qualcomm’s QC systems and use adaptive charge techniques to reduce smartphone charge times by almost 3x while keeping the battery in a safe charge zone. These USB-PD Fast Charge Power Adapters come in four power options. The  30W, 45W & 100W adapters are equipped with a foldable plug while the 65W adapter has a fixed plug.

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