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Product Guide

Electromechanical Components

Audio Alerts

Family of audio alerts and audio transducers, from extremely compact SMT buzzers to large, high decibel models.


Large selection of speakers includes a variety of frame shapes, magnet types, and mounting styles.


Full suite of electret condenser microphones, offering a variety of performance options including omnidirectional, unidirectional, and noise cancelling directivity.

Piezo Audio

Piezo audio transducers, from extremely low profile SMT to chassis and panel mount.


Extensive line of switches includes micro, sub-miniature, miniature and power slide, rocker, lever, toggle, paddle, DIP/SIP and tactile solutions.


On-ear, over-the-ear, or in-ear with dual and single speakers, our headset solutions are available with and without microphone and noise cancellation.

Jacks / Plugs

Wide variety of jacks / plugs for audio, power, general and high-speed connectivity.

Connectors & Receptacles

Audio, AC and DC power, input, DIN, RCA, USB Type A, B, micro, mini and Type C.

Cable Assemblies

Wide variety of standard and custom cable configurations including ribbon, coax, multi-conductor, medical grade, RF and high-power assemblies.

Wireless Charging Receiver Coils

Capable of providing 10W output power in a 20mm x 20mm x 0.8mm compact coil.

Power Supplies – Modular AC / DC Compact PCB Mount


5 VDC at 4.0 A, up to 300VAC, +85°C


+12 VDC at 1.8 A, up to 300VAC, +85°C

Leading Edge Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Management


  • Switches
  • Headsets
  • Speakers, Microphones
  • Wireless Charging Coils
  • Jacks, Plugs, Connectors
  • Piezo Audio, Audio Alerts


  • DFx
  • Tooling
  • ME / EE
  • Quality Control
  • HW / SW Design
  • Value Added Engineering


  • Through-Hole
  • Production Test
  • High Speed SMT
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Injection Molding
  • Assembly Package


  • Logistics
  • Quality Control
  • NY Warehouse
  • Cost Reductions
  • Project Management
  • Materials Management

Whether you use RDI for individual components, engineering design, manufacturing or all three, we’ll help you deliver a product that meets your schedule, specifications and budget expectations.

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