IoT power supplies - Integrated AC to DC converters for Internet of Things

IoT Power Supplies

AW0412-PNL: AC/DC Power Supply 12V 1.8AThe Internet of Things (IoT) has been around almost as long as the internet itself.  Some of the key components  are small IoT power supplies, usually in the 1-20W category, that provide power at the required voltage for the electronic system that handles sensor input and data transfer to the internet.

Since 2005, the number of IoT devices in the world has exceeded the human population. In 2020 there are approximately 50 billion IoT devices, all of which need power. That’s almost 7 devices per person!

IoT broadly describes the electronics and firmware required to connect a radio to an everyday piece of electrical equipment such as a lightbulb, a wearable medical device or a kitchen appliance. A key requirement is that IoT supplies must be able to connect directly to the available line voltage which varies from 110V in North America to 240V in Europe and Asia. RDI’s devices exceed the maximum voltage, offering 270V for better surge protection and galvanic isolation from input to output for improved electrical safety

RDI’s isolated IoT power supplies are specifically designed to address the broad AC voltage and environmental issues encountered in IoT and other demanding markets where galvanic isolation is key and power density footprints must be as high as possible. These new power supplies can be soldered directly to the PCBA and are available now.

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