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Need a Contract Manufacturer? Here’s $1,500…

In the 45 seconds it takes to absorb this note you will have made $1,500 with RDI.

To most folks that might seem a bit far-fetched coming from a CM, but let us explain.

NRE is the deal killer on too many viable tool or product changes that could increase yields and reduce costs. Trying to justify improvements rather than making and benefitting from them seems to be the norm for many hardworking line staff.

We can fix that! Our unique take on the market is that while most Contract Manufacturers will likely do good work for a fair price, few will do what RDI does to help you eliminate problems by designing them out. We fund simple projects like these for our customers without all the hassle that sometimes comes with solving a problem. We don’t even need to be in a contract manufacturing relationship. We’ll design the new component and sell it to you direct as needed.

Here are a couple of examples from our custom solutions arsenal:

The open frame buzzer on the left is sourced from a disty and has 5” wired pigtails. To save on cutting and tinning wires, the manufacturer wrapped them inside from the opposite side of the device. Trapped wires (kinked in the photo) created lots of rework. RDI’s simple solution was to create a new part with the same electrical spec and shorter pigtails. Assembly problem solved.

In the right hand image, a customer wanted to save costs by keeping a 90° power jack on one module of a computer product and linking USB power across from another. RDI created a custom USB cable family funded by agreed upon unit volumes over a fixed time period with the customer.

The solutions shown here are pretty straightforward. Even so, making changes to existing products can be a pain, so most people just put up with the inconvenience and extra costs and don’t look for simple solutions that exist.

Remember that $1,500? Now that you know how straightforward redesign can be, it doesn’t get any simpler than calling RDI and talking to one of our engineers about how we can help. When you need a Contract Manufacturer call us at (914) 773-1000 and let’s solve some problems together.

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