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ISO Certifications

RDI is an ISO-9001-2015 and ISO-13485:2016 certified manufacturer with all corporate activities, including sales and marketing, electrical and mechanical engineering and quality assurance through RDI worldwide headquarters in New York.

RDI Technologies in Shenzhen China is ISO-9001-2015 certified multi-technology facility with broad and deep experience with manufacturing of almost any type of product. 

Highly defined processes and quality assurance ensure customer satisfaction at every stage.

ISO Certificates may be found in the documents below.

Given the unique requirements of many markets such as Consumer, IoT, Medical, Automotive and Industrial products, RDI can rapidly assist in modifying or creating a component to meet form factor, certifications and other aspects of your markets. From speakers, microphones, piezo alerts and discrete components to connectors and cable assemblies, RDI is here to meet any demanding need and get your product to market on time and at the right price.

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