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Piezo Buzzers

These days there are few electronic products we wear, click or talk to that don’t have a piezo buzzer, magnetic vibrator or haptic indicator on board. Our Piezo and Magnetic Buzzer range offers easy interface audio indicators as well as more complex audio transducers you can create your own unique sounds with. Looking for a buzzer in a custom size or style? RDI has you covered there too.

Wireless Charging Coils

RDI's Wireless Charging Receiver coils are manufactured with High Permeability shielding to help mitigate external interference from permanent magnets and local sources of EMI. Choose one of our 12uH coils or let us manufacture devices to your custom specifications of inductance, wire gauge, shielding and mechanical attachment requirements.


Our excellent range of switch styles, types and mounts is made even better by our ability to customize any switch to your own requirements. Search through our comprehensive list of products to find the right switch for your application.
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Audio products


Buzzers, Microphones, Speakers and Headsets

Great for all pcb audio applications including Lavaliere & headset mics, digital audio, security systems, voice control and computer systems.



Connectors, Jacks and Custom Wiring Harnesses

RDI wiring and interconnect components are found in PC’s, IoT power supplies, music and entertainment electronics, and many other applications.



Switches, Micro-switches Sub Miniatures and Sliders

RDI manufactures every type of switch imaginable. Use our switch portfolio everywhere, including power supplies, medical devices, and industrial control applications. Still don’t see what you need? Let us make a custom switch for your requirement.

Wireless coil charger products

Wireless Coil Chargers

Qi Wireless Charging Coils

Wireless charging solutions, including Qi and wireless inductive transmitter coils, receiver coils and complete driver solutions up to 15W.

Power supplies

Power Supplies

Isolated AC to DC Converters

PCB mounted power supplies with 100-300V AC Input, 5V 4A DC Output and a 3kV isolation rating. Regulatory approval: UL62368, EN62368

Contract Manufacturing

Custom Design & Manufacturing

RDI provides contract manufacturing services from its wholly-owned facilities in Shenzhen, China and serves some of the world’s largest retailers such as Dell Computer and Walmart.

The Electronic Components Blog

We’d like to share our knowledge of the electronic components world with you and get your opinion on the things we publish here. We can’t promise to always be entertaining and fun, but we’ll always be relevant. RDI works with some of the biggest names in the manufacturing world and we hope our insights will help you plan and prepare for what’s coming next in your own industry. Sign up for our Connections newsletter and never miss another blog.

We’ve been involved in thousands of projects worldwide

Since our founding in 1988, RDI has been involved in thousands of projects worldwide, providing electronic components, engineering services and full system manufacturing, with the singular goal of helping deliver products that meet or exceed our customer’s schedule, specification and budget expectations. RDI is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified as well as FDA Registered.

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